No timing marks-help with manual timing


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Actually, no. But every single symptom indicates a vacuum leak. One should not assume so it probably wouldn't be a bad idea.
I replaced the EGR gasket and cleaned the valve out but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a problem.
If it ever stops raining around here, I will be certain to look at the EGR a bit closer.
I am still confused about four adjustment screws and their purpose. On the pasenger side, at the base is one that I'm pretty certain is the idle mixture screw.
On the driver's side are two screws. The forward one is the idle screw(?). The rear one rests against the cam and it is the fast idle screw(?). Behind the carburetor is a solenoid and hex headed screw adjustable by an allen wrench rests against it. That would be the cold idle screw(?) I'm asking, not stating.
As yet, I have been unable to find a description or diagram of my exact carburetor and I seem to have found conflicting descriptions of the screws and purposes.
As soon as I think I have it figured out, I'll re-read something that makes me change my mind.
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Well, since it's a one barrel and if it came from another application - you could have the idle mixture at the base, a warm idle speed over on the choke side, and a high idle on the choke cam. Things like the idle stop solenoid are usually used to control dieseling. That would hold the throttle open for idle when running, but completely close it when you turn off the ignition. But you have a more complicated function in the solenoid with the four wires.

With an automatic that could simply be a step up for the air conditioner, so you could check that out. On smaller engines things like that are used to get a higher rpm for the extra load of the AC.
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I found another 1984 at a junkyard. I think I'll mosy over and take a look. The guy says the engine is complete so maybe I can see what I'm supposed to have and how everything is routed.
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Well, the problem has finally been fixed to my complete satisfaction. I sold the truck. Yes, I explained everything in detail to the buyer. Kind of had to. He is a friend I'd like to keep plus he is about 6" taller and 200 pounds heavier than me (yes, I'm pretty skinny) and has no reservations about expressing his unhappiness.
I copied a lot of information in this thread for future reference. I learned a lot so thank you all for your help.
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With the talk of all the rust and tank leaks I would be pulling that carb to have a peek inside. Good chance it is full of rust too.A good carb kit should have all the gaskets you need.

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