need help with fixing my car


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need help with fixing my car

I have a 1987 Pontiac Trans Am GTA. It has been sitting in my garage for about 6 months, since the last time I started it up. Is this car messed up, or can I just change the oil and fluids?

Please help if you can, I really need to get it fixed soon.

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Unless they are due for changing anyway, I wouldn't even do that. Charge/replace the battery if needed, check air pressure and fluid LEVELS and try to start it. Now...if you want to be a little extra cautious, disconnect the coil wire and crank it until you see some oil pressure on the gauge. Then reconnect and start it.

6 months isn't really that much, I left plenty of cars sitting outside for 7-10 months, with the battery cable disconnected, when I was on deployments. Came back, connected the cable and they fired right up.
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A 1987 Pontiac Trans Am would probably have a HO 305 engine and a 700R 4 transmission.

Long term storage is not a problem with that year of vehicle.

Newer vehicles has a computer and security that runs all the time and in time the battery goes dead and the computer goes into a fault mode and you have issues.

I would say for you to have the oil changed, if it is ready for a change and check all the filters and the tire pressures.

Storing a vehicle in a garage doesn't hurt it one bit.
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help with car
Here is an interesting post along the lines of storage

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