No electricity


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No electricity

I have a 1991 Buick Park Avenue/Electra. At very random times the battery appears to be dead. I connect my portable jump starter, start the car and I'm fine for a while. The battery is only 6 months old so I used to think something was draining it. The other day it happened again, I was going to plug my portable jump starter again and before I got the hood up, everything came back on. This was a very interesting twist. I assume now that the battery has never been dying, and that in fact, something else was wrong with the car that was causing it to loose all the electricity. I should be clear, not all the electricity is gone, just about 99% of it. For example it will click a little or sort of try to beep cuz my door is open while the key is in the ignition. For some reason, connecting the portable jump starter cause everything to fire up in the past. I have never lost electricity while I was driving. Can someone offer any advise?
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I would start by inspecting your battery cables. Often times they will get corroded enough to not have a good contact. If those seem in order, I would get your alternator tested to ensure it's charging the battery correctly.
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no electricity

As stated above check for bad connections but dont rule out the battery. Did it do this before replacing the batt? I had one do this same thing and it turned out to be the batt. had a bad internal connection. This would be rare but that is the ones that drive you crazy.
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I bought this car in February of 2009 and immediately replaced the battery as the previous owner said it was bad. I feel like it's not the alternator cuz several months could go by without a problem.
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First thing, clean the connections on the battery and the cables. Then make sure that the connections are clean and tight when you put them back together.

Then check the ground connections. Clean as necessary.

I'd also say check the battery cables themselves. If you see a lot of green corrosion on them, at 18 years old, I'd just change them. They can break down internally at the connection.

If it still acts up, as already suggested, suspect the battery.
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I believe that year model car has a double cable on the positive post of the battery, be sure to seperate these cable ends and clean between them. If cleaning the cables does not work, have the battery tested, if it tests good look at replacing the cables.
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gm uses the plastic covers on red and black terminals.these serve as no purpose exept to hold moisture for corrosion
either replace terminals or get them clean
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As mentioned by others, by all means inspect battery ends of both cables and ground connection to frame/engine block. Don't skip the starter/solenoid end of the positive cable, though. It's all about a clean, complete path for the electrons. FWIW - Chris
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Make sure everything is tight, clean and connected. If the wiring is older, then it also may be brittle and starting to come apart. It might be worth it to get new cable on the battery.

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