1999 Honda Accord ex & 2002 Chevy Cav


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1999 Honda Accord ex & 2002 Chevy Cav

I would like to replace the PCV valve on both of these cars for our kids. They are both Over 100,000 miles. Would like to know how hard would it be and also where are these things. Or should I just get someone to do it (How much $).

Thanks All

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The positive crankcase ventilation valve is usually located on top of the cover for the camshaft or the valve train on the top of the engine.

I don't know your situation, but if you change your oil every 3,000 miles, chances are, you don't need new ones.

Usually you can take some carb cleaner and just douse it really good and use a tooth brush to make sure to get as much gunk out of it - if there is anything in it to begin with.

If it is clean and if you can hear it jingle when you take it off the rubber hose it is connected to - you can just put it right back on and everything will be ok.

There is only two things that the PCV valve does.

One - it takes some of the smoke out of the crankcase and burns in in the combustion chamber.

Two - it takes some of the vacuum out of the intake manifold.

If the PCV valve was stuck or dirty, I would think that you would know it because the engine would be running rich - due to a lack of air in the intake and it would be running slow - because the more air you put in the intake - the faster the engine will idle.

Most retail parts stores will sell you the proper PCV valve and they will even walk outside and show you where it is located.

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