99 honda accord cylinder 1 misfire!!!!!!!


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99 honda accord cylinder 1 misfire!!!!!!!

I have 99 accord and recently the check engine light came on and the car misfired while driving at high speed. I went to autozone and they told (via computer) it was a cylinder 1 misfire. I changed the spark plugs and still the same. After that I changed the plug wires and the rotor behind the distributor cap, and still the same code. This only happens accelerating to high speed and most of the time uphill. other then that the car runs normal. and to op it all off it does not happen all the time. If anyone can give me an idea where to go from here I would really appreciate it.

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Most times you start with the obvious.

Spark Plugs - at least once every 60,000 miles

Wires about the same time

Distributor cap - why you would replace the rotor and not the cap is beyond me.

Next would be the ignition coil.

Most Honda service techs will tell you that most Honda owners drives their car until it dies and then they wonder why it didn't run longer.

So if the plugs are new and gaped correctly and the wires are new and the cap is new and the rotor is new and if the coil is new then you get into technical issues that should be diagnosed at a HONDA garage.

It could be a bad distributor, it could be a bad crank sensor, it could be a bad cam sensor it could be something in the emissions system, it could be a throttle position sensor, it could be a bad fuel injector, it could be a clogged fuel filter.

What codes came up when they ran the scan tool?

It's hard to sit here and guess when you don't even know the codes.
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this could be a fuel injector becoming biased @ high speeds.
being that its only cyl number 1 rules out crank cam and or distributor......maybe do a compression check to see if you have head gasket leaking when car gets hot

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