Electrical issue ?


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Electrical issue ?

Here is a puzzling problem. I have a 2002 Chevy Venture. It seems that once in a great while while driving at night the headlights, dashlights/interior lights will blink very quickly and then appear normal. This may happen every 5 minutes or so and only while driving not while idling. Most days it doesn't do it at all nor does it happen when going over bumpy or rough roads. We have had the vehicle for over two years now and it has only done it for about 1/2 dozen days or so. It did happen about 5 days ago and hasn't done it since. Other than that there appears to be now other electrical/starting/charging issues at all and it runs great. I hate to take it to a garage because it either isn't go to do it or it will take a long time to troubleshoot. Any thoughts what could cause this. Thanks
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sounds like alternator ripple If you have a mulitmeter hook the red to the batt post on the alt the black to your neg batt post start the van with all acceseries turned off see what the dc volts are (should be around 14.15 to 14.7) now switch to ac volts in either millivolt or 6 volt scale turn on acceserices one at a time checking the meter each time IF when everything is on (lights wipers ac blower 4 ways radio ect ect) the reading is more than 100 mili volts then the diodes need tested(internal) if you are using the 6 volt scale this will show on your meter as 0.100 v the reading should be somewhere in the 0.04 to 0.05 , 0.06 max if you have a 0.0 then the alt is putting out voltage but no current if you have a reading of .100 to .200 then the overall output is low and you need a new alt. This test will only work if your meter has the 6 volt range setting a 120 will show 0 since the voltage is so low good luck

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