2000 ford windstar starter problem


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2000 ford windstar starter problem

I have a 2000 ford windstar and lately when I go to start it I get nothing for anywhere between 3-30seconds and then it starts. I have power to everything but there is a delay in starting it. This doesnt happen all the time but recently it has become more frequent. I dont know if this would be something in the starter or possibly the battery. Please help if you have any suggestions or know what might be causing it.

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1st-'i' would start with-remove both battery cables,clean the connectionts-best you an-/battery-scrub the post with a wire brush-sprinkle a little baking soda on the battery post,add a few drops of water ,to make a paste-scrub/wash with hose.
use a'dull' knife-blade-to scrape the inside of the batt.cable-ends.to a clean 'metal'surface.-add some of the soda mixture-&clean.
that is a good starting point!!

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