Cracked windshield danger?


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Cracked windshield danger?

I have a 2005 Camry. Windshield is cracked center, very bottom then goes up and to the left about a foot. Looks like it will end back down at bottom of windshield, i.e. about half an oval. Since a complete section will be cracked away form the rest of the windshield, I wonder if there is any danger of the piece just blowing into the car at highway speed? Donít feel like spending $300 an a new one right now.
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Nope absolutely not.... The glass is laminated with a plastic sheet. Its won't "blow" into the car.
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Check insurance coverage?
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The problem with people who buys Toyota Camery's and Honda Accords is that they get them cheap and then they get such good gas mileage that they never really put any money into them and then when things begins to fail - they stand there and look dumb at you.

I had a sister with a Honda and she had 125,000 miles on it and had never put a set of brakes on it. She said - oh do you have to put brakes on them? Like they were a perpetual machine that would just run forever - all you have to do is put gasoline in it.

A automobile is a investment and if you do not take care of your investments - sooner or later you will have nothing left.

You need to take care of the little problems before they become big problems.

You need to put money aside every month - so that when something like this happens, you have the money set aside to do the work to repair your vehicle - so you do not have to worry - will the windshield blow back into the car.

Its all a part of being a adult!

My dad told me when I turned 16 - that I could not have a car until I had the money in my hands to buy the car, pay for the insurance, pay for the maintenance and upkeep, buy my own fuel and all the other expenses that comes along with car ownership.

I worked a whole summer and didn't even buy a pack of gum before I saved enough money to buy my first car - which was a 1967 Chevrolet sedan delivery. I was 20 years old at the time! The funny part was I walked to work every day that summer - 3 miles each way, and I was a delivery driver for a lumber mill.

A lesson like that teaches you more than a parent giving their child their first car when they turn 16 and giving them everything on a silver platter all their lives.
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Where I live if the police saw that I'd be cited for defective equipment.

It is not safe, period. It can interfere with your vision.
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I don't know if the laws are still the same but it used to be that as long as the crack wasn't in the drivers line of vision - it was legal.... but it's still nice to have a good clean windshield.
IMO cracked glass takes as much away from a vehicles appeal as a good set of tires and rims adds to one.
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Well that was the republic of Massachusetts.

I think they figure that you don't always look straight ahead when driving It is the windshield.

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