transmission on f 250


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transmission on f 250

I was towing a trailer and noticed the transmission seems to be slipping. It is a Ford 2002 F250 diesel powerstroke 4x4. Are these transmissions able to be repaired within reason? Typically how much should I figure a major repair or replacement should be? Would you go to a Ford dealer? AAMCO? Thank you.
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Trans slips can be a major or minor thing maybe as simple as an overheating due to plugged/ restricted air flow in the cooler or a bad check valve in the cooler restricting atf flow to major overhaul since you said while towing I am going to lean toward the flow issue either air or fluid. Were you in the hills or flat lands? When was the last trans service you had? I'd start with a trans flush and filt replacement if its been more than 20 to 30k since the last one our shop does this for about 120 to 150 depending on the atf fluid required this will also show if the check valve is bad at the same time.Since our flush machine monitors line pressures. Check for debries in the cooler fins, hose/clean them out you can get away with removing the check valve but requires some adapting of the cooler lines to do it. It doesn't hurt anything just voids man warrenty since you have an 02 don't think that matters @ this point.
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f250 transmission

I was towing on the grapevine when it first started. Then it did it again real bad on a relatively small incline. Trailer 8500 pounds. just had the transmission serviced. I have now noticed it without towing anything on level ground. Thanks again
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Find a good independent shop; there are plenty around. If you spend a lot of time away from home the national warranty from a franchise shop may be worth considering, but you'll be paying for it.
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Is the O/D light flashing?
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as stated, in just above -post,?if the 'o/d 'lite is flashing,there will be a 'code' set in the pcm/tcm.
your vehicle is in the year 'date' that 'ford' went from a '4r100'-to the 'torque shift'.
!both! are very depenable/tough trans'-contrary to the above post.that said, 'if' you have a 4r100-an independent trans shop should be able to help you-the most common failure of the 4r100 was an one -way clutch/2-3 shift!
'if' it is a 'torque shift'-,i dought the after market's abilty to diag,/repair('i' am a 'ford' guy-& i have seen the/diag. problems -our trans guy confronts,every day).

if,the o/d lite is not- flashing-indicating- a problem.
it is -very possible-you are 'hearing' the fan clutch enguage-(-controled,by the pcm)-possible the eng is low on coolant- very common- a whole lot more diag-involved.!
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This may sound silly,, But if you just had the trans serviced,, is the fluid full?? What does it look like or smell like??? I have seen a couple of trans give trouble after a service if the filter isn't installed right or the O ring gets pushed out of place on the filter during install causing it to draw air... As Newtofta said,, these are a pretty tough tranny... If the other suggestions don't help & you have no lights flashing,, You may want to pull the pan & check the filter & look for debris... Good Luck.... Roger

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