wet under carpet


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wet under carpet

Water is infiltrating somehow from under the carpet on the driver side of my '98 Ranger. Several times I've had to go to the trouble of pulling it up/back and drying it out like this: http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/b...1/IMG_1246.jpg

The last few winters I had been assuming that it collected there off my boots when I got in the cab with a little snow on them. But now I'm discovering that's not the case, that it gets in from underneath somehow when I drive on wet roads. Upon inspection there are no holes rusted through or drilled through otherwise, the floor looks in good shape. How is this water probably getting in so I might be able to do something to prevent it from happening?
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Check your door seals and windshield rubber. It can be running down and you not see it. Also check the firewall. There are places there water could get in but not likely.
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pull the plastic plate up that covers the cab, at the bottom of the door.pull the carpet toward the trans.hump, find the oval opening where the park brake cable goes through the bottom of the cab floor-is the 'cable boot/seal' seated?-water around it?
there is also a seal on the wiring harness that passes through the driver side floor pan about 10" above the floor.look for evidence of leaks there.

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