2003 Monte Carlo transmission problems

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2003 Monte Carlo transmission problems

I have a 2003 Monte Carlo 3.4 V6 102,000 miles. I just started having problems with the transmisson,well i think it might be the transmission. When I'm driving and start to accelerate to go faster the car doesn't seem to change to the higher gear and the rpm's jump high. It takes longer to get to the speed the speed I want to get to. If I accelerate slow its not to bad. I don't want to jump out in front of someone because I might get ran over. Could you please tell me what the problem is. I don't know if its the transmission or something else. Thank you
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If I'm understanding your description, it sounds like you have some slipping going on. When was the tranny serviced last?

Wouldn't hurt to have it scanned to see if any codes show up.
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A slipping transmission will not show any codes on the PCM, BCM or any other computer in the car.

I had several 2000 - 2002 Monte Carlo's and I had the same exact problem - at 36,000 miles. The dealers all tried to get around the problem and get me past 36,000 miles - so I would have to pay for the repair out of pocket.

I ended up doing a burn out like John Force and then driving the car 20 miles to the next nearest Chevrolet dealer and then parking the car in front of the service bay doors.

When they couldn't get the car to go, they had to push it and then they couldn't say that there was no problem with the transmission or that they couldn't replicate the problem when they took it for a test drive when it was hot.

The slippage usually occurs when the transmission is cold and once the transmission gets hot and everything expands - the problem goes away - usually.

There is pistons / valves inside of the transmission that can stick, there is solenoids that can go bad, there is clutches that cannot be adjusted, lot's of things that can go bad inside of your transmission.

The way I see it, you have two choices. You can buy a used low mileage transmission and pay someone to put it in. Or you can take your car to a transmission shop and pay to have the transmission rebuilt. Or you can take your car to a transmission shop and buy a rebuilt transmission with some type of warranty.

Or you can keep your mouth shut and take the car to a used car dealer and trade it in on something else before it goes out.

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