How to take side decales off


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How to take side decales off

Hi, I took my side molding trim off of an old car and there is a residue that its hard to get off. Is there something that will get that off? also how do I take my side decal off? I tried hair dryer.
thanx in advance.
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try wd40, they can do magic
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Most auto supply stores will sell decal/trim adhesive remover. I got some years ago by 3M for some pinstripping decals that were half on and half off. They came off but you could tell where they were as the paint under them was darker than the rest of paint since they protected the paint from the sun. Something to keep in mind.
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Buddy of mine, licensed bodyman, used to use "easy off" oven cleaner. Sprayed it on, let it sit a while, and it peeled off with little effort.
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I think I'd rather use something made to remove it than experiment with my paint. How much $ might be saved especially if it ruins the paint?
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lighter fluid

I have a brand new truck and I just removed the dealer stickers off the tail gate. Lighter fluid did the trick. Use the kind for Zippos not the kind you cook with.
I have used lighter fluid on plastic to remove glue from the front of a VCR and it also worked with no bad effects on the finish.

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