2006 chrysler T&C ABS and Trac off light


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Unhappy 2006 chrysler T&C ABS and Trac off light


I have a 2006 chrysler T&C minivan with the ABS and Trac off light displayed. I took it to a shop to check for codes and there were no codes on the system diag computer. They replaced the sensor and then the whole housing to the rr abs module -- and then put back the original parts b/c the dash light was still on. They tried an old oscilliscope and found there was not proper reading to the rr sensor but resolved it "might be a short". HELP -- I have seen lots of these problems online with not a lot of answers. Why would there be no code but the trac off & ABS dash lights are still lit???
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The power train control module is a very complex system that depends on data from all wheels to assess what is going on with the vehicle to control how the proportional braking system works to keep the wheels from locking up when you encounter a slippery surface or are involved in a accident that is about to happen - when you apply the brakes too quickly and the brakes locks up.

Usually a fault code does not always appear due to the fact that the computer can only do so much.

The wheel sensor is located in the wheel bearing assembly and usually on the Dodge you can see the teeth in the reluctor wheel - built right into the outside of the wheel bearing.

The 4 wheel ABS model and non abs models use the same wheel bearing.

As your technician told you, the fault code usually erupts when there is a problem. Such as a wheel bearing going bad or a bad wheel sensor or a bad wiring harness.

Unfortunately, he can see into the wheel as far as you can.

If you take it to a Dodge garage, they will have the proper service bulletins that will explain the problem further and give you options on how to resolve your problem.

Sometimes it pays to take it to a garage and have the vehicle serviced.

I don't see your problem being a easy fix or a cheap fix. But if you want to drive it, you got to be willing to pay from time to time to have it repaired.

Sometimes the vehicles that the are easiest on gasoline are also the most expensive to fix when it comes time to repair them.

The Town and Country was not a cheap vehicle to buy - new.
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thanks Claw Hammer,

I think you are right --this is a job for the Chrysler Service department $$
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With atc and abs brakes there is also a yaw control sensor.(Tells the ABS if the vehical is in a or going into a control loss) Loacted (95%) of the time in the center of the vehical sometimes inside most of the time outside. Without a can enabled scan tool it won't show up (Computer network on vehicals) your abs signals go through it. Either way not really a DIY kinda thing a well equipped independent shop or dealer are your options to diag properly. The componant replacement is fairly straight foward and can be done by a DIYr. The lights just indicate these systems are inoperative so use caution on slick or wet conditions.

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