Removing head from 86 Corolla


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Removing head from 86 Corolla

How difficult would it be to remove the head from an 86 Corolla? After removing the head bolts, should the head lift right off or will I have to pry it off? Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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you are going to have to disconnect the ex manifold, either at the head or at the exhaust pipe as well.

if you haven't already done so, drain the coolant too, or at least enough so the head will empty.

as to just lifting or prying; You generally have to pry newer heads to get them off. I would think an 86 is going to be well stuck. Just be absolutely sure all head bolts are out.
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is this a push rod engine,or
an over head cam design?
will make a lot of difference!
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I used to have an '86 Corolla and darned if I can remember. The older Corollas were pushrod.
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It has an over-head cam, no push rods.
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You would have the exhaust manifold, as mentioned, the intake will either have to be unbolted at the head and laid back or disconnected and pulled with the head, then the throttle stuff, emission control, and the timing belt or chain. Make sure you set the timing mark on the damper to TDC, and make sure it's there when you reinstall.

If you get everything taken loose you won't have a lot of trouble getting the head off. Never, but never, pry between the head and the block. If it doesn't come right off, look for a bolt or two that you may have missed.
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Is this the FWD or RWD Corolla? Is this the 4ac (carb) or 4age (DOHC fuel injected) motor?

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