What normally goes bad when odometer suddenly quits?


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What normally goes bad when odometer suddenly quits?

The speedometer works -thank goodness.

It's a 90 Dodge Spirit. Where should I start looking?
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speed ometer head / (guages assy)might try a salvage yard.
will need the same options your car has.
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Most times the memory for the odometer is kept in the PROM on the board where the display for the odometer is at.

Just like with your home computer, nothing lasts forever and sooner or later if there is a power surge or a faulty component - the prom looses it's memory and the gauge goes blank or shows a error.

Like Newtofta has said, you can search the junkyards for a good used one that still works, but at the age of your vehicle and the fact that most junkyards only keeps late model vehicles 10 years at the most, you might have a hard time finding one.

You can also search the data base on Car-Part.com--Used Auto Parts Market

You might pay a little more to have it shipped from where ever there is one available, but at least you will have the part you need.
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Just so you know, my odometer is old fashioned analog. Does that change anyone's thinking?

Why would I need a speedometer head when only the odometer part does not work? Or, is it like there are 2 gears where say an outer gear is still good(speedometer), but the inner one is shot(odometer) - or what?

I feel real good though so far that I at least got a couple replies on this one.
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I believe there are multiple gears in a speedometer head. One for the speedometer itself, one for the odometer, and one for the trip. The gear for the odo probably stripped out, or fell off. Unfortunately your best bet is to go to a salvage yard, and look for one with very close to the same mileage, or if you can't find one with close to the same mileage you'll have to get a sticker that goes on the door frame that lists the mileage that the factory odo quit at. A 90 Spirit wouldn't have an electronic head I don't believe. Just my .02

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ecman, they last forever unless you attempt to tamper with them, Then they self destruct.

you weren't tampering with the odo were you?

just kidding.
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crazy-,is correct-the speedo head is an,one-pice-(all included)
part of the dash-instrument cluster.
"i' would not wory about mileage, on the replacement 'odo'-just a sales reciept 'stating that it purchased to replace a defective one'
'as he stated' beings that you are 'analog' might make your finding a replacement more 'likely'
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If you're brave and want to try disassembling it, you might be able to replace the stripped gear. I did that a while back on a Saturn. Got the gears here:

Speedometer Gears and Odometer Gears. Speedometer Parts

Don't know about Wisconsin, but down here a vehicle that old doesn't need to have the mileage certified to sell it; it would be exempt.

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