2-cycle fuel, end of season


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2-cycle fuel, end of season

I have a gallon of gas for a 2-stroke tiller which I'm tempted to pour into my '02 Camry tank.
Will the oil mixed in the gas cause any lights to come on?
Am I being fussier than the car?
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This is a little out of my area of expertise, but I don't think it would cause any problems.
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Pour it in with a full tank..shouldn't be an issue....

Don't you have anything older to put it in? Like a 68 Chevy truck or something?
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I do that with a lot of fluids... i.e., kerosene, ethanol, paint thinner, but not acetone. Fuel is fuel.

A cupful every tank should be okay. It's a good idea to filter the fluid through a paper towel before dumping it in.
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GG, I burn mine in my 74 3/4ton chevy. Only thing close to a computer is the HEI ignition module.
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NO NO NO, don't do it, not if there is 2 stroke oil in it. It will contaminate the catalytic converter! That's the reason tetraethyl lead was taken out of fuel (well other than the fact the TEL also poisons the air) is that the "lead" would also ruin the catalytic converter. Put some "Stabil" or other fuel stabilizer in it, give it a shake, use it next year. Unless you have a 2 stroke snowblower you could use it in. I have a 2 stroke weedwhacker and a snowblower, so I have almost year-round use for 2 stroke fuel. I also have a Lawnboy 2 stroke mower as my back-up, now that I bought a 4 stroke rider I don't have as much use for it, but was nice having all 2 stroke equipment for a number of years.
Don't use it in a car though!
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I use two stroke oil to replace sulphur in my Cummins diesel. One ounce per gallon of fuel, then skip the 5th fill up to stabilize it. Makes the injector pump live longer and quietens the engine since our government saw fit to sabotage older vehicles by reducing sulphur to 15 ppm.

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