Strut Issue


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Strut Issue

Recently '2001 Toyota Collora' getting noticebly shaking, ... not really terrible, but I feel some vibration on the steerling-wheel particularly High-Way drive, around 70 - 75 mile.

Seeing this, I brought the car to shop and was told that Struts, both front and rear got bad, pointing at a mileage of the car, a bit more than 100,000 mileage.

Because of the price, close to $1,800, honestly I'm hesitant to get it done. Also, the shop manager warned me if the work NOT done, it might cost whole front-end, around $3,000 - $4,000.

My question is;
When should I bring the car to the shop because of shake and vibration caused by deteriorating Struts?

Thanks for your imputs in advance.
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The first thing I'd have checked is the tire balance. The price quote you received sounds very high, and I'd definitely get one or two more quotes from reputable shops before spending that kind of money. Just replacing the struts due to the mileage, irregardless of whether they're good or bad, is not good advice.

The struts on my car were replaced the first time at 200,000 miles, and honestly, I can't tell any difference between the new ones and the originals. Mine only cost $750 for the set of four, through the dealership's shop.

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There is also NO WAY that strut replacement on a Corolla should cost $1800. Unless there are many things that they recommended replacing other than struts. Tire balance as mentioned and alignment would be the first choice unless there is obvious damage.

The parts for just struts would be about $320...unless they were replacing the springs and all (called a Ready-mount)...that could be abut $900 for parts..but the labor should be much less.

Unless this is a shop that you know and trust...I HIGHLY suggest you find somewhere else.

Also..Pinecone..NO OFFENCE INTENDED...I think you may have been given an extremely high quote if they thought they could take advantage of you. Just from your posts, I get the impression that you may be disabled somehow or of foreign birth? You need to find a trustworthy shop or a friend who can assist you when you visit these places.
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'i' agree wiyh 'gang guy'.
you have a 'tire' problem. possible just a ballance problem/ poss an out of round condition.
'if' you have a tire 'wear' problem-causing the 'ballance' problem.
you need -at least an alignment -check/adjustment.
'unless' the struts have a mechanical problem-causing the tire to lean 'in' at the top a whole lot-something 'you' can see just by standing away in front of it - & looking at it.
you do not need struts,to correct a wear problem.
has the car been wrecked-hit a curb-'hard'?
can a 'tech'-'show' you an oil leaking strut?
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My 2 cents.

1) Balance and rotate tires and feel for any difference.

If you really are of a mind to change struts, buy 'quick struts' for the front and put them on yourself. Then get an alignment.
With the quick struts you just take out and replace some bolts and change the struts/springs all at once--no spring compression b.s.Beer 4U2
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I'll jump in, too; 100,000 miles is not a lot for Toyota struts.

And this:

"The shop manager warned me if the work NOT done, it might cost whole front-end, around $3,000 - $4,000."

smacks of being a scare tactic.

I would at the very least get a second opinion and when you do, ONLY dscribe the problem. Do NOT clue the second garage in that someone has suggested struts. This will give you an unbiased second opinion.

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