2000 ford taurus ses airbag light


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Angry 2000 ford taurus ses airbag light

My taurus flunked inspection because the airbag light is flashing . What does that cost to fix and why does that happen?
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'1st' you will need to find some one that can pull codes from from the 'srs'(safety restraint system).
post them 'possible' to help from there.
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The theory is - you have been driving the vehicle with the light flashing and paid no mind to it until it flunked inspection and now you wish to repair it as cheaply as possible.

The answer is - when you neglect basic maintenance sooner or later it will bite you in the butt.

Having worked on Fords for nearly 10 years I can tell you that it might not be too expensive after you find the fault code. Some dealers will charge you as much as $80 to scan for codes.

My theory is that usually someone ran into the vehicle or the vehicle was involved in a wreck and that sets off the codes.

Other times the vehicle was wrecked before you bought it and the airbags were replaced and the codes were not properly reset.

Or the airbags were replaced with other then OEM replacement bags and the difference between the bags, the connectors or corrosion in the connectors sets off the computer and flashes the light.

Other times there is sensors in the bumpers that gets corrosion or is damaged in a minor scuffle - say in a parking lot while the vehicle was unattended.

You come out of Walmart after a hour of shopping and cannot see that someone has ran into your vehicle, but the computer senses damage to one of the bumper re enforcement bars.

With a vehicle that is about 10 years old, anything is possible.

I guess you have two options, you can fix the vehicle and continue driving it or you can trade it in or sell it and get out from under it before it nickles and dimes you to death.

Or you can take the dash apart and remove the bulb.

But some models will not start unless the bulb is present.

Other times, the vehicle will not pass inspection unless the bulb flashes before the engine is started - hence they know that you tampered with the safety alarm.
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