brake light ?


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brake light ?

I have a 2002 Chevy Venture. It has a rear brake light out on the driver side. The tail light ( which is the same bulb works) but the brake ( second filament I assume) doesn't work. I have never changed this bulb before and I put a new lamp in a couple weeks ago and it worked fine, however, yesterday someone brought it to my attention that it wasn't working. Not sure how long it has been out. I know it is the right bulb because I changed the other side a year or so ago and this lamp I put in has been in the glovebox since then. Anyways, was wondering what would take these out prematurely or could it be a fluke. The socket appeared fine and no corrosion was present in the socket or the lamp end and the lamp snapped in tight. How do these work if you tested with a volmeter on the socket, I am assuming when the tailight is on the lamp gets half the voltage and when the brake is pressed full voltage goes to the lamp. Please advise. Thanks
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Inside a dual filament bulb, one filament might be 10 watts and the other might be 20 watts.

Pre Mature? Geesh - it is a 2002.

Usually bulbs do not last very long if vibration is transferred to the bulb. Since I am here and you are there, I do not know what types of roads you travel on, and so I do not have a explanation for you.

My only advice would be the same as what I do with the 2002 Avalanche I drive, carry extra bulbs in the glove compartment.

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