F150 starting problem


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F150 starting problem

I have a 2003 Ford F150, automatic, 6 cylinder with 90,000 miles. Truck runs very good, idles smooth and still gets reasonably good mileage. At times it starts slowly. The engine turns strong but just will not catch right away. It will usually take anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds to start and does not always start the first time I turn the key. It seems to happen more often when the truck is on fairly level pavement or the front of the truck is slightly lower then the back end. It can happen whether the truck has been running for several hours or first thing in the morning. Once it starts it idles perfectly. My usual mechanics performed an overnight pressure test and the fuel line is not losing pressure. They have not been able to pin point the problem because it has always started fine the 2 times I have left it with them. I took it to the local Ford dealer and spent $700 dollars to fix what they said was causing the problem. They replaced some seals around the manifold that were cracked and caused the truck to run lean. The next morning it did the same thing. I can't help thinking this is some sort of fuel issue but I don't know what to do next. Any ideas would be appreciated. I've been dealng with this for several months.
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Look at it like this, there is no more points, plugs and condenser.

Everything is all electronic.

You could have a fuel pump problem.

You could have a fuel filter problem.

You could have a bad ignition module or computer, but computers almost never go bad.

You could have a bad ignition coil.

You could need new spark plugs and wires - you didn't say when you changed them.

It could be one of a million things.

Your best bet is to trade it in on a newer vehicle and get rid of it while it still runs.
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I guess Claw Hammer has more money than I do as I'd try to fix it before trading it..LOL He does make good referance to the ignition system...Check the coil & the coil wire really close as well as the cap & rotor & the plug wires...Roger
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try- next time it does not start onthe 1st-2nd round of the engine spinning.
cycle the ign switch from off-to run-to off/3-4 times.
this will 'prime' the fuel system,if you have a 'fuel' problem.
('if' the veh is parked in a 'quiet' area, when the problem shows up-you can 'actually' hear the fuel pump-buzz,for 2 seconds-on the key cycle.
post back, if this is of any help-or no help

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