1979 Ford Thunderbird


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1979 Ford Thunderbird

I have a 79 tbird that hasnt been ran in about 3 months. Last time I ran it I replaced the battery and took it to the gas station. Probably has about 3 gallons of gas when I parked it. I tried starting it today and the battery was just clicking. No turnover. I tried jumping it leaving the cables on for about 5 minutes. I got it to turn over like it wanted to start and I kept pumping the pedal which usually gets enough gas to get it going but no start. Any suggestions?
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Two things come to mind. First, there is almost always some small amount of power being drawn from the battery. A clock, the radio memory, and if the battery is not spotless there can be a drain across the battery surface between terminals. I would suggest a good recharge. With extended periods of non use, either disconnect the positive terminal or use a battery tender type recharger.
Leaving the gas tank low on fuel invites condensation which both dilutes the gas but also causes rust to form in the tank. Also, the gas will lacquer up the fuel lines and carburetor. You should always use a gas stabilizer to reduce this problem. Once you get the battery recharged, you could try a spray starting fluid to get the engine to fire, followed by a carb cleaner.
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Can also remove the air cleaner and look down the carb throat; move the throttle linkage and see if you are getting a fuel squirt from the accelerator pump. This will at least tell you if there is fuel (or some reasonable facsimile of fuel) in the carb bowl.

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