Hole in exhaust question


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Hole in exhaust question

I've always gotten mixed answers to this question. Does a hole in your exhaust decrease gas mileage? Does it matter where in the exhaust it is? Please excuse my ignorance.
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Probably more theoretical, but a hole in the exhaust pipe after the muffler could affect exhaust flow and the tuning on the engine = small chance. However a hole in the exhaust before an oxygen sensor could (that's could) allow an intrusion of outside air = allowing a false reading of the exhaust from the engine = too much oxygen = causing a richer mixture and poorer mileage.

Disclaimer = do not use this as an answer to a test question .
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just curious,! what are you dealing with?
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If you have a turbocharged engine, and the hole is between engine and turbo, you would loose boost pressure, causing you to have to use more throttle to get the same power level, more throttle= more fuel burnt to net the same power, looks good on paper any way
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If it's upstream of any oxygen sensor(s) or catalytic converter(s) then it can cause trouble and should be fixed as soon as possible. Not good for cars to drive around like this.

If it's downstream of all converters and oxygen sensors, or if your car doesn't have any converters or sensors, then it is causing little more than just a funny noise. Should still get it fixed though!
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Thanks for the replies. Hmmm... my car has two roundish units in the exhaust, before the muffler. Are they both cat's? Its a 99 honda civic.
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they are cats or resonators... they are resonators if there is another roundish unit towards the engine... but if not then ya they are cats

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