94 lumina no turn signals or brake lights


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Question 94 lumina no turn signals or brake lights

I have a 94 lumina and the turn signals dont work and the brake lights dont work except the brake light on the back window. Anyone have any ideas what to check? I have no idea where the flasher is, I checked the fuses and all the bulbs.
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If it is not a shared common ground wire that failed, you may have to get ahold of a wiring diagram and see at what point the wiring is in common - and start at that point and go upstream from there. (It would not be downstream from that fork since the wires would no longer be common.)

Not unless of course you have coincidence where say the brake lights had been out for a while and you never knew it, as one issue, and then the turn signal problem happened later.
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Am I going to have to drive up there and fix this thing for you or what??

The Flasher is located:
Front seating area, driver side, under dash, mounted on passenger side of steering column

do you have a DC voltmeter or a test light?

Obviously the first thing is check any applicable fuses. If you are getting power through them, I would check the lamps next.

so, then, I would to see if you are getting power to the lamps. While you are there, check to see if the lamps are burned out (you would be surprised how often...)

If you are getting power to the lamps and the lamps are good, you most likely have a bad common wire or connection for the lamps. That is merely a matter or tracking the common wire to it's attachment.

If you are not getting power to the lamps, then you need to go back up front.

have you been to Autozone.com? they have a wiring diagram online.
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Don't the front directionals work also? If they do not, if you turn on the left or right directional, do even any of the bulbs light up, without flashing?

If the front ones do not work, also - that sure be a lot of bulbs to be out, all at once.

I'm almost tempted to check out my Haynes manual and Mitchell's wiring diagram to see on my car where the one problem(brake lights) could possibly affect the other(all directionals). Trying to figure strange things out like this can be fun, if one has the time.

A fuse, as nap suggested? That WOULD be something, if that is all it was! Kind of odd though they'd leave the rear window light off the fuse though, when it is on the brake light circuit.

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