1993 Acura Vigor - low oil pressure light on


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1993 Acura Vigor - low oil pressure light on

My b/f is looking at purchasing a 1993 Acura Vigor and has put a deposit, the only problem is that the owner is saying that the low oil pressure light is on, checked the oil it is at the full line, what could it be and would it be expensive. All your advise will be sooo helpful, we are going to pick it up tomorrow so advice quick would be helpful.
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pobally just the needs a new oil pressure switch
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Or it could be a 17 year old engine that is about to die. Before I gave that person any money it should be checked out.
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Could be something detrimental like worn oil pump, heavy sludge, clogged oil pathways. Or less detrimental like a bad sensor.
But I guess the cause is of secondary importance compared to knowing how long it's been on. If it's been on for a while, then it's only worth pursuing if it happens to have been being caused by a faulty sensor.
But what's the motive behind selling a car with an oil light on if simply getting it checked out might have lead to a simple fix, and more straightforward sale?

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