Dome light stays on in 95 GMC Safari


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Dome light stays on in 95 GMC Safari

I have a problem where the dome light stays on. It will go off and on while I drive down the road. I know it is not a door jam switch as the door warning buzzer does not go off when the lights come on. I do hearing a clicking under the dash when this happens. I can get them to stay off by using the dome override switch.
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When it comes to electrical problemns, one really should see a wiring diagram, otherwise you are guessing.

This will reveal to you the possible direction the power is even coming from. For example, you might learn the power comes to the light first, then the switch - rather than the other way around. If that is the case, you could have a dead short at the light. Or, you may learn if a relay is in the circuit, and how that might affect it. Etc.

For any vehicle I have owned, in recent history, the first thing I do is print off copies of the entire electrical system. And these diagrams have helped me find and fix problems. I'll tell you one that was very revealing. I had a light outage AND no power to the fuse block for that fuse. Where would you start to look? Well?, the wiring diagram showed me exacty where to focus my attention when I learned the power to the fuse came through the wiper/high-low beam arm. I* changed it out with a used one. Problem solved.
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There may be 2 switches in the door latch( jamb switches are now extinct) one works the door buzzer, the other works the light. Try spraying the latch liberaly with WD-40 or liquid wrench, then shut and open the door a few times, this worked on my GMC Sierra.

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