installing starter on 2000 ford windstar


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installing starter on 2000 ford windstar

Can someone give me some help or the steps required to change the starter on my 2000 ford windstar? I bought a new one and can see the location of the old one but I am not sure what all it entails in changing one. The location looks pretty easy to get to so I am just wondering if someone can give me some tips on taking the old one out and getting the new one in. If you can help I would greatly appreciate it.


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If you like to DIY your vehicles, it be good to buy a manual for your vehicle.

The very first thing you have to do is remove the negative cable off the battery.

Usually there are 2, maybe 3, bolts that hold a starter onto the block. If there is a mineral/foil exhaust heat shield, be careful with that so you do not wreck it. Once you unbolt the main bolts that hold the starter/solenoid to the block, then you carefully lower it and use care not to let this heavy unit dangle by it's wires....and then remove the electical wires that are on the solenoid. (Some vehicles now today may use a plug in method for those wires to attach,without the old threaded posts and nuts. If you can unhook the wires before dropping the starter/solenoid, then do so.)

The first starter I ever did.....I just did it. Pretty straight forward. Then after years went by, and I got more nerve and gained more knowledge, I started taking them apart in pieces, to rebuild stuff. Haven't had to do one now though, in years. Plus that work would no longer interest me to test my abilities anymore, especially if they are located in hard spot under low car. Maybe the heat shield on the cars I have had has kept the windings in better shape, although there are contacts and perhaps brushes, that can go bad, also.

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