Idle Speed Bouncing


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Idle Speed Bouncing

2000 Taurus LX Vulcan flex fuel 3.0 135,000 Auto trans.

My Taurus has three separate issues that may or may not be related.

1) Intermittently at idle, rpms drop from 1K to 800 every 15 seconds or so. At 800, engine stumbles and sounds like it is going to stall for a about 3-5 seconds, then resumes 1K idle. Seems more apparent when cold or slightly warm, but rarely happens on start. Most noticeable on very short trips to pick up kids from their friend's homes in the neighborhood...(we drive for safety issues, not laziness. We've had some very creepy people move into the neighborhood recently).

2) Again, typically when engine is cold to warm, very noticeable constant whine at idle or low rpm. Cannot tell if it varies with speed as I cannot hear it at higher rpm, perhaps because it goes away or more likely because of engine noise covers whine.

3) Under high stress--fully loaded and driving uphill--engine misses and sputters at around 4K rpm. Otherwise, with standard use, not a problem.

Same issue? Different ones? I leave it to you smart folks.
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I can't place the whine in all of it - may or may not be.

The engine running could be a number of things. See if you can get the codes pulled at an Autozone. If no codes, I would first make sure you have good gas in it and change the fuel filter and do the basic maintenance things like spark plugs, air filter, wires, etc. Then either check the fuel pressure or get it checked.

It could also be an Idle Air Control Problem, but I would do the above first and see what you have then.

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