clutch electrical wires


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clutch electrical wires

[B]hello,i have a 1997 nissan 4 cylinder truck. i have a slow leak in the clutch master cylinder.other day i went to leave and when i went to put it in gear it would just grind.i had pressure at the clucth petal.i thought i was low on fluid[,so checked it ,it was next thought was i needed to bleed the cylinder,when i went under to bleed it i found a wire dangling,it has it looks like a small plastic dowel,with an electrical tip at the end and a space for a bolt to go thru.can someone tell what and where this is?? i have no doubt it goes to the clutch i just don't know where.thanks..any info would be appreciated../B]
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I'm not familiar with Nissan but I doubt it has to do with the clutch. As you said your clutch is hydraulic, not electric.

It could be a wire for the backup lights or even to tell if the transmission is in neutral. If your truck requires the clutch pedal to be in to start, that switch would be under the dash.

The only other thing would be maybe it came off an O2 sensor. Y you don't mention any codes though, and that would generate one. It could also be a broken ground.

Hope it helps.

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