2003 Grand Prix Rear Brake


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2003 Grand Prix Rear Brake

2003 Grand Prix Rear Brake,

I replaced pads and rotors on front and back [disc] brakes, however the car still makes notable rubbing noise when brakes are applied. Rotor on the left rear side was difficult to get off as was the new rotor to get back on due to the emergency brake shoe sticking against the rotor. [i'm not sure I can get the rotor back off now}. Does it make since that this is making the noise and if so what is best way to adjust this out. I think that they may be two ways to adjust the emergency brake 1] via the brake cable, 2] via an adjustment nut inside the brake drum. Any one got any diagrams /pic, web sites of either adjustment mechanism. Advice please and thanks in advance.
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I just checked the Autozone site for that information you're needing on that car. It's all there with diagrams.

Just go to AutoZone.com | Get In The Zone!, register and look up brakes in the repair guide section.

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