Ford Windstar RPM fluctuates


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Ford Windstar RPM fluctuates

I have a 99 windstar with about 110K miles. The RPMs will fluctuate at highway speeds.. kind of like you are fluttering the gas pedal. I have changed plugs and wires, did the intake valve update kit with new isolator bolts and gaskets, replaced mass air flow sensor, fuel filter..

I'm lost at this stage.. When I had the plennum gaskets changed, it ran better for a while but it's doing this now. WOuld the idle air control have anything to do with this? Any help woudl be great!

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Possible, and although they say trying to clean it with carb, or throttlebody spray cleaner will cause problems, I've done it, and it's a 50/50 shot i guess. If it helps for a while, then starts to do it again, then replace it, right? Take a close look for vacuum hose leaks especially in the EGR system.

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