Recommendations on economical vehicle that can tow


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Recommendations on economical vehicle that can tow

I'd like to get an economical vehicle that has the capability to tow a fairly light load (~500 lbs max) several times a year. I have a Dodge Dakota that can easily handle the load but I don't need a truck for anything else. A small flatbed trailer would suit my purpooses just fine. I have a 2001 Honda Civic but doubt that it can handle a trailer officially.
Any ideas?
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500 lbs is not very much but does that include the trailer and would you be towing short distances on flat ground?
If so you may get away with it if you install a transmission cooler if an automatic.

Usually the larger the vehicle the better it's towing capacity is.
A Civic does not have a tow rating so if you wanted to get a vehicle for this a minivan may be a better choice.
Our '05 Dodge Caravan has a 3500 lb towing capacity.
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Your Honda civic can handle 500lbs towing without any problems.
You can add an oil cooler if you like, as a matter of fact I would add one myself.
I have oil coolers on all my vehicles, even if they don't tow.

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