Heater Core replacement in 1994 Rodeo


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Heater Core replacement in 1994 Rodeo

I need to replace the heater core in my son's 1994 Rodeo Izuzu. The core itself is not the problem, but one of the nipples the heater hose connects to is broken off almost to the firewall. The nipple seems to be some form of plastic. There is not much left to connect hose to. The local garage I use told me about $350.00 for the core, and about $300.00 labor to install. He said that most of the dash has to be removed. I've changed core's in Ford's, but not Izuzu. Is it more than a weekend warrior should handle???????

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I don't know about the Rodeo specifically, but yes a heater core R&R can be a serious PITA. Last time I had to replace the one in my wrecker I was at it for about 2 hours and only had to disassemble the ductwork and not the dash. The price of the part sounds a little steep, though; is that a genuine Isuzu part? I did a quick search and found these:

Isuzu Rodeo Heater Core - DriveWire.com


Search results for 1994 ISUZU RODEO

I also found it on RockAuto even cheaper but can't do a link from their catalog.
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#1 call a non-dealer parts store & find out the aftermarket heater core price. Then you know how much $ is on the line.

#2 here is a "hillbilly worked for me" solution: On my wife's 92 caravan, the core was leaking into the interior of the car. I was told $500 for the repair due to having to remove the whole dash.. (I hate dash work) I kept looking at those 2 nipples coming out of the firewall & thinking "why is there no door right there!" "& If the new core is defective I have to do the job twice!"

So I made a door. Using my grinder I carefully cut a core size hole in the firewall where I imagined the core to be.. Then I made the hole a little bigger. I was able to replace the core through the firewall, I used a tube of silicone to cushion it i place. Then I pop rivited a piece of metal over the hole & bondo over the seams.

It worked fine (till the trans dropped out 2 years late)

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