Honda CR-V Noise with extreme turning


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Honda CR-V Noise with extreme turning

I have a 1998 Honda CR-V that runs great. If in a parking lot turning real tight I hear a noise from the back of the vehicle. Either right or left turns, only when turning sharply, I hear a groan of sorts. Like something needs oiled. This is an automatic with all wheel drive.

thanks for any help!
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Sounds like Bearings or Cv axles...
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Struts maybe; you're putting a side load on everything when you crank it hard over in a turn.
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Have you tried changing the drive fluid yet,or ever.
Old fluid will cause that to.
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I have a '01 CRV that I bought from a salesman that serviced them before. He suggested a heavier weight 4-wheel drive fluid in the rears, if too noisy. I am used to it.
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Try to replace rear fluid first. Wife has a 2006 that was doing the same thing and only needed the rear fluid changed.
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Looks like ur wheel bearing is at the end of it's journey.
Bad wheel bearing usually cause a moaning, growling, or high pitch squeak etc. And yes, it could go away when u tap on the brake, and more noticeable at low speed. For further diagnose, if u suspect it to be passenger side front, then drive it a big faster, and turn left, so the car's weight will shift to the right, the noise should be more noticeable. And the vice versa when u turn right.

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