2000 Buick Park Avenue ABS light


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2000 Buick Park Avenue ABS light

Drove my 2000 Buick tonight and the ABS light came on. Per the owners manual, they say to stop turn off ignition and see if it stays off. I did this and the light stayed off but came back on after about 20 miles. I don't seem to have a loss of brakes and am getting ready to drive to Memphis in a couple of days. This is a new one on me, but is it safe to drive, do I have something as simple as a sensor problem or something in the ABS motor or unit itself? I was planning to drive about 1500 miles, but am not sure now? The way I understand things, I still have brakes, but just not anti lock brakes when the light is on.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you,
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Originally Posted by dgordon View Post
The way I understand things, I still have brakes, but just not anti lock brakes when the light is on.
generally correct. There are a few situations that could cause a loss of brakes and cause the ABS light to light but generally, your statement is correct. If the brakes are functioning, as you have indicated they are, those situations I speak of would not be applicable.

You would be best served by having the ABS system scanned to determine what it shows as the reason for the light. You could have lost contact with a sensor if you ran over something and tore the wires free or many other problems and the easiest way to get started on thee system is to have it scanned.
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I had a 92 Buick Lesaber where the ABS would come on for no reason and the oweners manual said to stop and restart the car.

Embarasing when I told the others in my car pool that the car was good and they made it that way.

Check the fuse is still good
But it could be hard to find. I know my 99 Park Ave has fuses under hood/ under dash/ under back seat.
Owners manual should help find it.

I think the car is good when the yellow (warning) lite is on and the red (danger) brake light is off.

But I must say as others are, to use caution and better judgement when it comes to brakes
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