1996 monte carlo LS electrical problem


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1996 monte carlo LS electrical problem

I went to start the car and nothing. Everything seemed to work but starter would not engage. Checked for codes and none were showing.I jumped the solenoid and car started but shut off after a second or so. Manual said ignition switch was bad so I replaced it, no change.
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nedd to go back to basics, an engine needs fuel, air and spark to run, sounds like the fuel pump is not running. Combined with the car not turning over with the key I would be looking for a blown fuse or a burnt fuse link.
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A person has to be quite mechanical and electrical savvy to run down such a problem that can have many causes. Even though you say everything else worked, did they continue to work as the car was attempted to be started? Can you recall that? IF that power went away at the moment you tried to crank it, something as simple as a marginal battery connection could cause something like this. The highh draw from the battery into the starter circuit can cause funny things, even though stuff like lights can work at first.

Do you know how to use a voltmeter and read a car's wiring schematic? That will show progressive order and wire colors - which is real nice to know - of the wiring progressing from battery to fusible links, to relays and ignition switch, to solenoid and starter, and where the igniiton ON (engine run) wire progresses to, so you can check at those points where the ignition is involved, etc.

Does anything come to mind regarding the car, that may have hzppened recently while driving, that might be a clue?

Was this a car being used by yourself on a regular basis, and the problem just occured out of the blue?

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