Brakes sound like bus braking 04 Bonneville


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Cool Brakes sound like bus braking 04 Bonneville

I have a 04 Bonneville SE 103k . i replaced rear brakes ,i took rotors to machine shop to be resurfaced.
when I brake in my car it sounds like a school bus or garbage truck stopping, horrible sound when i m about to come to a full stop. noise comes from rear.
I replaced the basic brakes to next step up semi metallic brakes and still same sound.
any ideas out there.

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it would be just a guess, but sounds as if you have a poorly machined rotor surface-(if it is rough enough-that you can feel it with a finger nail, it is not good.)
might as well replace the rotors-(usually not that teribly expensive-$20./ $25.- for a house brand rotor- these are hubless,arent they?)
part of the problem arises from the issue that a lot of the oem rotors are not a single piece of cast iron- but a steel flange that has a cast iron braking surface attatched. usualls not worth tring to machine.

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