98 Chevy Z-71 - ABS quirk


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98 Chevy Z-71 - ABS quirk

We recently replaced the front disk brake pads, about two weeks ago. Yesterday, while braking to a stop the ABS pump kicked on as if I had done a panic stop. I've taken note that at every braking stop the pump turns on at about 15 or 16 mph. We suspected the master cylinder and replaced it today. But the problem continues. Before I go to the hassle/expense of a new ABS master module, we were wondering if it could be as simple as removing and cleaning the magnets on each of the front ABS wheel sensors.

any help would be appreciated,
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I would for sure check the wheel speed sensors, and the cables going to them for any troubles.
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I feel your pain brother.... my son's '98 GMC Sonoma is doing it too. I removed and cleaned the wheel sensors, no change, I replaced the drivers side wheel sensor, no change. I took it to a shop for diagnosis, they said that it was the drivers side wheel sensor. I have been told that a worn wheel bearing (hub assembly) can cause this too.

Do you know that you can remove the ABS fuse and you're brakes will work just fine, just no ABS and the ABS light will stay on. Your truck will pass inspection this way too if that matters where you live.
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I've actually come across this problem often and there is a GM bulletin for it.

You should remove the front wheel speed sensors. Clean the corrosion from the mounting area on the hub. Make sure the bore is clean as well. Put a little lube on there and reinstall the sensor. I've had this fix the problem everytime. You just have to take your time and clean it well. Good luck
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I actually did this on the drivers side. I removed the sensor, cleaned the end, put a little vaccuum grease around the O ring that goes down in the hub. The only thing that I didn't do that I probably should have is clean/check the connector real good.

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