Power Brake Booster - 1994 Thunderbird


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Power Brake Booster - 1994 Thunderbird

Vehicle: 1994 Thunderbird, V8, w/ABS

Two years ago, I had the booster replaced in my ’94 T-Bird. Now, it seems to have gone bad again – sounds like air leaking and the brakes don’t work right.

Question: Could something else be causing the booster to go bad?

I'm the original owner. The original booster lasted 13 years.
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Is the air leaking from under the dash??? Under the hood?? Only when you push the brake pedal or only in drive & reverse?? Does the pedal fade if you hold your foot on it??? Do you have the automatic park brake release??? There are a lot of things that can cause brakes not to work right,, It would help a lot if you were more specific,, (eg,, pulls, pulses, fades, noises & lots of other stuff,) Give some more info & the pros will help you out in no time.... Roger

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