blind fastener?


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blind fastener?

Some little terrorist kid in the neighborhood busted the passenger side mirror off my '94 Toyota truck. I have the new mirror, but when I took the bolts off what was left of the old one, the nuts or whatever fell down inside the door. I had the dealer put that mrror on when it was new, and I don't remember them taking the door panel off to do it.

Is there such a thing as a blind fastener to do this? Sort of like a toggle bolt you use on dry wall...but the hole that is there is just barely bigger than the bolt, which looks like a 1/4-20.

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There is a thing calles a "nutsert" or a crush nut , they require a tool that looks like a pop rivet gun to install I have used these on many occasions with great success. I am sure there are more types out there, but these are the only ones I know about.
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I think Wire Twister has the answer as they are the only ones I know about as well.. Stop by your local body repair shop,, They use them all the time & may install a couple for ya while you wait... Takes <1 min a hole.... Roger
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actualy, 'if' you can figure out what the bolt thread is-(it will probaly be 'metric').then find the 'needed' thread insert.
you can install it your self!
requires some time & doing-need a long threaded bolt of the required thread-a nut-a couple of flat washers,with a little lube on them.
thread the nut 'all' the way up the threads-add washers-& thread insert.
put in to hole-try to hold insert from turning-hold head of bolt from turnig also(neen more hands) tighten nut against washers -to compress/expand thread insert.
(basicly- the same process as putting a 'moly bolt' in dry wall)

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