1985 Ford Tempo Speakers


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Question 1985 Ford Tempo Speakers

Well. There's this 1985 Ford Tempo that I'm driven around in that when ever it starts to rain or gets really cold or whatever, if the radio is turned up to even 17 (out of 50) it would start to cut out.

Now here's the best part. We had recently discovered that the easiest/fastest of way of getting the sound to come back is to hit the passenger side door. But, honestly, I'm getting tired of it. so I'm pretty sure the problem is there's exposed wires close to each other that the humidity is making enough of a connection.

Is there anyone that might be able to give me an idea of what I need to do in order to run new speaker wire?
My only other problem is, this is their only mode of transportation anywhere. So I would have to do this in as little time as possible. So, if there's anyway around taking the dashboard apart would be greatest.

Thanks in advance.
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Pretty easy; remove door panel and run a new set of wires. If it is a problem with the wires in/near the door, you wouldn't need to run the new ones all the way to the radio; just trace them to a convenient spot behind the glove box and cut the old line & splice in the new. The most likely location for the problem should be where the wires jump from the door to the door frame; lots of wear and tear there. While you have the door panel off, I think I would install a fresh speaker, too; there's just a chance it's a speaker issue and not wires.

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