Coolant dye to determing cylinder head failure


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Coolant dye to determing cylinder head failure

Back in the days I thought I remember seeing a product that help determine if you have engine compression going into the coolant passage. You would pour this chemical in the radiator and the water color would change if it detects compression blow-by in the coolant.

Does anyone remember seeing a product like this?
Does these product still exist?

A little background. I work in heavy duty diesel industry as a bus mechanic. We recently rebuild a International 8.7L Series 40 engine. A couple months after the rebuild it develope a cooling system problem. Afer 5-10 minutes of starting the engine (hot or cold it doesn't matter) the coolant reservoir tank will build excessive pressure that the coolant starts to push out the overflow hose. And if you open the resevoir lid, a goosh of pressure comes out.

We've already changed the injector cups and air compressor, but the problem still exist. There's no external coolant leaks from the head gasket, no signs of water in the oil and the engine does not overheat. Before we pull the head I was curious to know if this chemical is stil available.

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yes there is. I just did a really quick look on the internet and came up with this gizmo:

UVIEW 560000 Diesel & Gas Combustion Leak Tester Kit - eBay (item 200276192949 end time Dec-10-09 11:30:48 PST)

I cannot attest to the accuracy or dependability of that specific test kit, merely an example of what I found.

have you tried pressurizing the cylinders like you would with a leakdown test for valve or cylinder ring leakage? You may not be able to presurize the cylinder with enough pressure to check for the gasket leak but I would consider this before tearing it down again.
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Thank you, that's exactly what I was looking for.

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