electronics freezing up


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electronics freezing up

My wife and I purchased a 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan in May. This morning when I started it up to get it warmed up to take our son to daycare, the heater/defrost wouldn't work. The radio wouldn't turn on nor would the windshield wipers. We're in Kansas and it got down to about 12 degrees last night. We've run the van the last two days, so it hasn't been sitting. A colleague told me that this has happened to him and that there's nothing to prevent it. Is there something that I can do to prevent this problem?
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I notice that the heading for the post is electronics freezing up.
So I take it the colleague means that the 12 degree temps is what is causing the problem.
Not true.
First, 12 F is not all that low.
Temp does have a part to play if there is an existing problem.
It can amplify it.
Just to figure out what all of those devices have in common and find out why they wont work.
Quite sure someone else will have input on finding the common denominator
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FWIW. My 2003 GMC Sonoma started throwing codes and running strange. I put it away for a couple of months and went to use it again and it wouldn't start. Charged the battey and it started and ran ok but didn't feel qute right. I had the battery tested and it failed. New battery and ALL is fixed, no check engine lights, smooth running etc. Like new. A flaky alternator can cause strange problems too. CHECK YOUR GROUNDS!!
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Originally Posted by koit1967 View Post
the heater/defrost wouldn't work.
The radio wouldn't turn on nor would the windshield wipers.
So there is a fuse blown? For the blower it might be a 30A unit.
Also, look on the Center for Auto Safety website for recalls and Tech. Service Bulletins on this problem.
Cars should probably work to 40 below.
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There is an acc, relay in the power dist.box under the hood it feeds power to the blower motor wipers radio and power windows if your windows are in op start there if you don't have power windows the circut is the same. So start there as well

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