Brake and Frt End 2003 GMC Sonoma ZR2


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Brake and Frt End 2003 GMC Sonoma ZR2

Is the ZR2 also known as a highrider? At autozone they have a selection for the brakes, highwider, I'm thinking they just screwed up the high rider option. I plan to replace my front pads only this time. What's a decent brand? Can I just get away with putting in pads and not removing the calipers and rebuilds etc. Brakes are just badly worn. Probably should change rotors too but that will wait till the big spring full boat brake job. Also I need to replace the 4 ball joints in the truck. Is there any short cuts for getting the rivets out? Is the job as miserable as it looks? I did the front wheel bearings last month and it turned out to be very easy. guidance and guidlines greatly appreciated. Anyone know which of the Ebay CD's might be any good? Or should I stick to Haynes??

Thanks very much.
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The brakes , I personal never skimp on quality you are just asking for noise,dust and other issues if you have custom wheels or OEM fancy ones the brake dust is a mother on them. Calipers, If you have even pad wear and the rubber boots on the piston are in tact no problems there compress them and go.Rotors, Yes they should be at least resurfaced if in spec. for thickness you'll just not get good brake response if you don't and if the old pads cut any grooves in them those will cut into your new pads and trash them out prematurly(I cut them for people @ $15 each). The Ball joints , The trick I use in my shop is to cut the top of the rivit in a cross with a die grinder then air hammer the tops off and punch it threw. You can do the same with a hammer and chisle but without cross cutting the head some way is a bear.Hope this helps ya
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Decided to go with new rotors and good pads. The calipers look OK but rebuilt with pads are only about 75 bucks ea so I'll just brake (sic) down and do it right. Damn rears seem to want to last forever but the rotors are nice and shiny so I guess they are working. Truck doesn't see much hauling work but it does get a lot of drive time on the highways. Ball jints are waiting till spring. They do look like they're gonna be a drag. Might let one of my local mechs take care of them. Thanks for the advice.
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! 'IF' it is a NAME BRAND' from autozone(wagner/bendix),or even (cardone-reman.) O/K.!
but never 'autozone' brand.
YES!! it has a life time warranty,BUT-it is not worth installing.!

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