How to reset "chk engine light"2001 kia sephia


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How to reset "chk engine light"2001 kia sephia

I drove Kia through flooded streets after storm & soon after the "chk engine light" came on solid, I also found the gas cap was only half tight, so I screwed it tight. It has been only two days since coming on. I would like to reset the light & see if it is some thing more serious. Can the light be reset or do I wait on time or mileage for it to do it on its own? I am willing to buy an OBD II if needed.
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Try taking it to AutoZone. They will read codes for free and I think they can also reset the light while they're doing it. I had a 2000 Hyundai Elantra with the check engine light constantly on, and whenever I disconnected the battery to work on the car, the light would automatically reset (go out). However, since there was really something wrong with that car, the light would always come back on shortly after driving it again. If there wasn't anything wrong, the light would have stayed off after disconeecting the battery.
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I've heard that people have sometimes had trouble getting AutoZone to reset the light after reading the codes, but I don't think it's company policy, possibly a local thing in some places. The battery disconnect will not generally reset a CEL on OBDII.

Eventually, if it does not have an actual fault, the light will go off on its own. I mentioned in another thread recently that the handheld readers are not very expensive, so as you said you may want to consider buying one.
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Buy a reader. If you use it a couple of times it will pay for itself.

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