stripped bolt :(


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stripped bolt :(

Hey hows it going, i was working on my girlfriends car, she just got it (from someone else inwhich i dont know) doing an oil change. Unfortunately the last person to change the oil decided that the bolt for the oil pan had to be on as tight as possible. So i went to work, trying to twist and turn it with all my might and unfortunately...i stripped the bolt. The edges are very rounded and i unfortunately cant get a grip on it anymore. The size is i think a 11/16 or 5/8, both worked on it...kind of. What can i do?
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Vice grips.
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but go to the parts store first and get a new oil plug to replace the old one after you remove it with vise grips.

almost forgot
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one of my favorite wrenches in such situations:

the harder you pull, the tighter it gets.
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I take it you strip a lot of nuts/bolts.

Looks like that would loosen just about anything; could even add a cheater bar for more leverage which you can't do with vice grips.
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Stipprd bolt

Before you start I suggest that you liberally spray with something like WD40 or a penetrating agent. Then tap the bolt lightly with a hammer and reapply. Give it some time then try the vise grips.
Sometimes it is not that it is put on tightly, sometimes the previous person may have been a klutz and did not install the copper buffer ring or the bolt corroded into place.
Happened to me and took a friend three hours to free it!
Either free it, new pan, or pump/suck out filler tube.

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