vibration whenn accelerating 93 Ford Escort


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vibration whenn accelerating 93 Ford Escort


I have a 93 1.9 litre, automatic Ford Escort, recently inspected. It has new tires. When you go above 38 mph the car vibrates badly. It is like a washing machine on spin cycle. It mostly does this during acceleration. Motors mounts were checked by five guy friends, they said were fine. Someone suggested Ujoints.
Any ideas? I want this taken care of before it does damage to car. I've had the car since June/July and it has done it since then. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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If the engine is running well - CV joints/half shafts probably. Could be something in the tranny, but the shafts would be a better guess.
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Another possible cause may be a front end out of in linement. An excessive rear ward caster will cause front end shimmy on acceleration when front end is lightened up. Can and may happen at any speed. Unsafe condition that needs to be corrected (IMO) asap.
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You have problems since June or July & only asking about it now??? I'm sure any damage that would happen would have happened by now,, But I agree with Marbobj about the CV joints,, They wear & cause vibration as you have.... Roger
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Same symptoms my wife's Camry had when the CVs wore out; shook like crazy when you hit the gas going up a freeway on-ramp.
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Hi all,

Thanks for all who replied. The vibration wasn't as noticeable when I first got the car, thus didn't fix it. The boot is bad on the passengers side front tire. It might also need aligned. Thanks to all who replied. Plan to diagnose and fix asap. If you have any other suggestions, I would appreciate it. Thanks
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You're talking about the CV boot? If that's the case a CV joint normally only has a one month life without the boot in good shape.

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