1996 Land Lovers


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Question 1996 Land Lovers


I'm just a girl trying to pass inspection in VA. My SRS light is on...specifically the 's' blinks on and off.

Any thoughts on how to repair cheap - or thoughts what it may be.

1996 land rover discovery
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the 1st spep would be to find a shop-that is capable of retrieving the trouble code that has been set.(when something malfunctions-the srs 'safety restraint system' module gets an incorrect electrical signal from the failed compnent's system.
& sets a code in the module,that in turn flashes the 'srs' lite.
you 'might try' dissconect the black battery cable for 1 min.-while the cable is off-turn head lites on-the off. reconnect the battery.
'if' the lite comes back on 'imediatly' there is what is refered to as a hard fault-with the code properly diagnosed to the correct system,it will be easier to find(not necessarly cheap).
than 'if' the lite only comes back on after some driving time.
so start by calling around & ask the shop supervisor 'if they can diagnose a "96 land rover srs system".
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I really agree with another poster on another thread,, As he stated "Take it to the dealer that is trained on the system as you can cause the air bags to inflate with improper testing methods"" You can be badly hurt or killed by an airbag if you don't follow proper disarming /arming & testing steps... Air bags aren't really a DIY kinda thing to repair,,,, Sorry,, Roger

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