93 ford escort check coolant level light


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93 ford escort check coolant level light


Everyone on here has been very helpful. Thank you! I have a 93 Ford Escort, 1.9 liter, automatic.
Recently, check coolant light came on. And mechanic diagnosed problem and fixed the water pump and timing belt. That was about two weeks ago. Light came on yesterday, so I check coolant level and put more antifreeze in overflow tank. Light went off. Not it is back on. Snowing here in PA, so can't check right now. Any ideas? I'm hoping it is just a bad sensor or something since I spent $500 to repair and buy new tires in last month. Comments appreciated.
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If the level is down again you got a leak some place I'm Willing to give your shop a break and say the first one was due to an air bubble burping but a second time in such a short period IF its low again somethings not right take it back if low and have them check it out could be just a loose clamp or somthing and you shouldn't be charged. If the sensor is bad thats an easy fix and shouldn't be too much and an DIY project with the min. of tools.
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Let us know, when weather permits, if coolant level is low. In the beginning, coolant level can keep going down as air bubble relocates and more coolant, when added, takes it's place.

But if this is onging, you have an external or internal leak - if you have to keep adding, that is.

If you do have to add, then everytime you take the car out and return, put something under the car where you can see if it is leaking coolant, and from where abouts. Pay attention that you do not smell coolant in your vehicle, and that none is winding up on your passenger floor.


I had or possibly even HAVE an air bubble problem, due to very very slight heater core leak that I can smell a little sometimes in my cabin. The temp gauge goes up to hot and then after the temp and pressure build to beyond normal, the stat finally opens and the gauge plummets. Does this every single time the vehicle was shut off and cools down a bit. (Caused from stat sensor not being submersed in coolant and only opens from hot compressing air bubble finally allowing coolant to strike the stat sensor enough, or otherwise gets the air so hot it finally opens.).

Yesterday, I decided that before my motor gets destroyed(blown gasket/cracked head), I took out the stat, depressed it to compare to a new extra stat I have on hand, decided it was still good, drilled 4 1/8th inch holes around it's inner perimeter (should have only did one or two - but wanted to guarantee some stay open in case some got plugged with gunk), and now I have lower and more even temp gauge readings without temp swings. Now it has not hardly even gone to 1/3 mark no matter what!, and generally stays the way cars used to read at about 1/4.

By doing what I did - If an (or another) air bubble develops, in theory it should shift it into the radiator side of the stat where I can get it out in seconds by adding more coolant, and displacing the air out the cap - if need be. I'll keep everyone updated as to how this is working out. So far the coolant level is going up and down in the reservoir as it should and that is a good sign, that if there is any leak at all, it be extremely minimal. (I built an interest in engine cooling about 38 years ago when I was fascinated how my radiator hoses were ice cold and yet my engine overheated. I still remember that mystifying, at that time, experience )

Sorry for the longer than expected personal blog, but this may really help someone else.
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93 ford escort low coolant

Hi ,

Thanks to all who replied. I had someone check radiator and there is coolant in there. I then added some to the overflow bottle. And light went off. I will be keeping a very close eye on this. Thanks to all who replied.
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Crack in the coolant tank maybe?

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