Check Engine Light


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Check Engine Light

Hi Everyone!!!

I had a quick question..
I went for a smog check and failed because of a code P0101 and then I cleaned the MAF sensor with the MAF cleaner
I reset the the check engine light by disconnecting the battery. I re connected it... Then I went to get a smog center to get tested and it failed again because the OBD did not perform the self scan.....

After the test I drove it around for awhile the light came on again....

I again cleaned the MAF sensor and tighten all the hoses connected to it. I also cleaned the air filter. Check all the circuits and the relays. Everything seemed ok....
One thing I was confused about was when I was checking the voltage from the connector to the maf with the engine on not running...the voltage was 5.021 volts but it should have been 9-12 same as the battery. I tested from the terminal 4.

The car performs great its quiet fuel consumption is excellent.

I again reset the battery after checking, cleaning and tightening.... (no Q tips or other solvents involved). I also after connecting the MAF and running the engine tapped on the top of the installed sensor with a screw drive no changes occur.

I havent gotten the check engine light and I've drove the car with a half tank of gas about 50 miles at a speed of over long would it take for the OBD to run the self tests?

What are the requirements for the tests to be run?
Should i go again tomarrow for the smog test?

The car is a Toyota Avalon- 2000
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That 5 volts is probably the normal reference voltage. I would try having it scanned and reset somewhere that has the capability like AutoZone [note, there are some reports that not all Auto Zones will reset after reading codes]. The battery disconnect may or may not work on OBDII vehicles like your Avalon.

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