Manual Gearbox Problem for Altima SE 3.5L V6 2005


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Manual Gearbox Problem for Altima SE 3.5L V6 2005

Deal All,

I've the above mentioned car and problem. I talked to some mechanics and they say it is the bearing of the input shaft. However, I do not trust anybody in my area to do the work since they said that they do not need the Nissan Altima Service Manual. How come?!. Even thought, most of them have not get training nor being able to read English to read any instructions.

Fortunately, I found a Service Manual in the internet and download it. So 50% of my fears gone. I borrowed thought the manual and decided to do-it-myself. I thought it will be easy but I am lacking the expertise which lets me work very slowly and I would like to speed it up.

Therefore, I’ve Googled “fix yourself forum” to find this forum and registered in. Is this the correct forum to get help? If so, I will put all my progress.

Thanks in advance,
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This is the place, and welcome. I have to tell you, though, that attacking your manual transmission problem via internet is going to be challenging.
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Thanks the_tow_guy for the welcoming.

I've already removed the gearbox from the car, opened it, removed the input and main shaft out of the gearbox and partially disassembled the input and main shaft but still did not get to the the in between bearings because of the tool shortage (puller). The gears are well tight to the shafts

At the upper end of the input shaft away form the engine, I found small part of broken steel. I will picture them once I come back to home.
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Small Part of Broken Steel

here are the parts pictured and posted in the below link:

They are small parts of broken steel with transmission oil and a size of 1 to 3 mm.

Good night
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What is your question exactly? You need a new transmission. Most people do not have the correct tools nor knowledge to rebuild a transmission, let alone rebuilding it over the internet.
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In Details

HotinOKC: appreciate being interactive

After 150,000km of hard push to the engine, it began to consume oil, which was expected to happen, and I was searching for a good shop to do the rebuild. During that time, there were minor issues with the car. So, I said why to let the official Nissan dealer in Saudi Arabia to check the car in general and provide me a report. They have provided me a list of replacement parts with a value of 4000USD without the labor work.

Almost none of the problems in the car have been considered for replacement including the engine rebuild. This silly check took one week with follow up and taking appointment to bring the car! Therefore, I decided to never bring the car to the dealer for any future repair.

I continued my search till I found a shop with good reputation and I asked them “have you rebuilt a VQ35 (Altima engine) before” and they said: “Yes, of course we did. Here is a Morano and we almost finished”. Then, I agreed with them to rebuild the engine and sow the Morano working well.

After the mechanical rebuild, there were some issues with the engine. It turns off after certain time and has much lower power and torque than the rated one. It stayed for 3 months to solve the problem with a lot of none-related troubleshooting such as programming. It did not work 100%. The engine looked to be compressed and had lower power. It used to get to 100km/h in 6.5s while it got it in 8+s. The most important issue was that the engine did not consume oil and no overheat. So, I could accept it.

After a while, the transmission was making noise which it was not expected to happen with a manual gearbox with 160,000km on it. All the guys who are used to fix a manual gearbox said it is most probable to be the input shaft bearing and it can be others. I was playing with the gears and I put it in first @ 120km/h without releasing the clutch pedal trying to troubleshoot for the gears noise and then the clutch disk broke down. I thought it can handle the 2x rotation.

I carried the car to the same guy who saw it before and I agreed to fix the clutch and gearbox noise. After splitting the gearbox from the engine, he said your (dual mass) flywheel needs replacement in addition to the clutch. The flywheel costs 1100USD. So, I tried to find side ways to avoid that by looking to the internet and read about it. Fortunately, I found the service manual for the car and it says the same.

Noting that I have changed the clutch one year ago, rebuilt the engine around 6 months and since the 1st clutch change there was not that much of traveling, none of those has discovered a defective flywheel except the last one and I feel myself to be lucky man for dealing with that technician by chance.

Unfortunately, he was in conflict with the shop manager and another one has fixed the flywheel and the clutch. The results:

  • Considerably the engine power has been further reduced more than before (why? It will be explained later)
  • Harder to shift to 1st and 2nd because the clutch does not disconnect the engine completely. Thanks to the gearbox noise, I figured it out.
  • While going in 5th or 6th speed, the engine get loss and rev. up while the car at the same speed. (I thing the hydraulic system push the clutch pressure plat and slightly disconnect the engine)
  • 2 bolts out of three for the RH axial part were missing.
  • The gearbox noise still there.
I toke the car to another technician with 40 years of experience and he said it has to be opened again because there is wrong installation of the clutch, so, I said open it and do your best. He opened everything and installed it again to be OK. He tried to start the car but it did not. What a problem.

Going back to the service manual and reviewing how the clutch and flywheel should be installed, I told him there is a dot (pin) in the crankshaft has to be fit in to the same dot (pin) in the flywheel. After re-fixing as per the service manual, the car started with a huge amount of power as power plant under the hood. It can now achieve 100km/h in 0 to 6.5s but none of the gearbox and the clutch problems were solved, in addition, I found the following while removing the gearbox my self:
  • The air intake (air filter holder) was not stretched to the engine. There is some lose which my cause dust to go into the engine.
  • 2 or 3 bolts that mount the engine to the gearbox were missing
Recalling the reduced power in rebuilding the engine, the further reduced power in fixing the flywheel in the 2nd clutch change and the non-engine-start in the clutch reinstallation, the flywheel was fixed wrongly in these three situations. I am not a mechanical engineer nor I do have the knowledge in mechanical engineering but I can say that fixing the flywheel wrongly may damage the engine and the gearbox especially for dual mass flywheel since it is intended to smooth out the sharp engine torque fluctuation associated with powerful engine.

Referring to the above explanation, I’ve decided to rebuild the gearbox myself using the service manual and try my luck. If it fails, I will get a used one.

What are exactly my questions?
  • As per the progress so far, what do the small parts of steel that I found in the transmission mean?
  • Is it necessary to measure the end plays for the input shaft and other gears to set them by the rings thickness or just I assemble the gearbox as before?
I can not decide whether there is a wear in the components or not. Once the gears been disassembled, I will picture them and post the pictures

Thanks again for reading this. Consider it as a story if it wasted your time

Why did I post it over the internet?

Because I do not see a qualified technician near my place to fix the transmission but certainly I am sure there are many far away who may provide little and key advice that let me pass through in best shape.
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Clear Pictures

Here are clear pictures in the below link:

Picasa Web Albums - Muhammad - Altima Gearbox
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Input Shaft

I disassembled the input shaft. Here what I found:

Picasa Web Albums - Muhammad - Input Shaft
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I'm no mechanic but it looks to me like at minimum you need a new input shaft. Those silver-colored rods look like bearings that have come out of their race. If sand was mixed in, I'd say a rebuilt one is in order; getting the clearance right on the input shaft bearings and the their mating surfaces would be difficult if the mating surface's don't have matching bearings that are replaceable.
I'm sure someone who is more familiar with manual transmissions will offer their opinion.
Have you looked on line for the cost of a rebuilt trans? I guess shipping to Saudi Arabia might be a bit pricey.
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"Those silver-colored rods look like bearings that have come out of their race." By bob22

Yes, they are.

But I can not say about the sand because the mixture is very smooth. It can be dense oil.

I found some used trans. here and they cost around 1000USD. Still, I will clean it by gasoline then, check and post pictures


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